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Traficop Speed Cushions

Traficop Speed Cushions offer the ultimate in design versatility with its preformed construction providing consistent profiles and dimensions, available in both 65mm and 75mm heights

Traffic Calming

Traficop Speed Cushions

Traficop Speed Cushions (London)
Traficop Speed Cushions (York)
Traficop Speed Cushions (Wales)
Traficop Speed Cushions
Traficop Speed Cushions (Worcestershire)
Traficop Speed Cushions
Traficop Speed Cushions (York)

Our Traficop Speed Cushions are made from recycled rubber and feature a modular design. Surface mounted, our bolt down Traficop Speed Cushions are durable, easy-to-install and require no excavation or adhesive.

An effective traffic calming measure, we can adapt our speed cushions to suit, with high visibility reflective markings moulded in at the time of manufacture.


Originally developed with a height of 75mm high conforming with DfT recommendations. The 65mm high was later introduced and is increasingly used in the UK as the shallower side gradient is more acceptable to emergency services and bus operators. It also reduces the risk of vehicles grounding on severe cambers. 


  • Proven
    Patented design with 30,000 supplied worldwide.
  • Convenient
    Quick to install and can be immediately trafficked
  • Surface Mounted
    Bolt down with no excavation and no spoil.
  • Fewer parts
    Surface units conform to almost any road camber, but new modules are now longer which means fewer parts, making cushions easier and quicker to install.
  • Tougher design
    Corners now have a 50mm radius and an extra fixing in each module, making the corners more secure.
  • Any width
    Cushions can be adapted to suit various widths making it easy to achieve the required results
  • Reflective markings
    Moulded-in at manufacture and different styles (arrows, RVV and others) can be provided.
  • Environment
    Made from recycled rubber in the UK.
  • Product meets DfT specifications.

Traficop Speed Cushions

Technical Information


Cushion Width Cushion Length
1600mm 2000mm
1600mm 3000mm
1700mm 2000mm
1700mm 3000mm
1800mm 2000mm
1800mm 3000mm
1900mm 2000mm
1900mm 3000mm

Available in heights of 75mm and 65mm. Compared to the Traficop 75mm cushion, apart from being lower, the 65mm has a shallower side gradient at 1 in 5. The ramp gradient is 1 in 10.


Product meets DfT specifications.

Frequently asked questions

How many cushions can you get on a pallet?

3 per pallet for Short cushions (2.0m long) 2 per pallet for Long  cushions (3.0m long).

Method Statement

Download our Traficop Speed Cushion installation and information sheets