Traficop Combination Tables

With their hard-wearing, modular design, our Traficop Combination Tables deliver a consistent profile, ideal for pedestrian crossings and junctions

Traffic Calming

Traficop Combination Tables

Traficop Combination Table
Traficop Combination Table
Traficop Combination Table
Traficop_Combination_Table_Black_Speed Cushion_Cyclist_Rediweld_Traffic
Traficop Combination Table

An alternative option to our Traficop Raised Rubber Tables our Traficop Combination Tables offer a cost effective solution for creating speed tables, junctions and pedestrian crossings. Made up of a recycled rubber modular system, the Combination Tables can have tapered or kerb-to-kerb sides with the centre of the table infilled, (by others), with tarmac or similar.


Requiring no excavation, Combination Tables are energy absorbent, with the rubber helping to reduce noise and vibrations when struck. 


  • Consistent
    Consistent profile from preformed modules.
  • No Excavation
    Bolt down with no excavation and no spoil.
  • Versatile
    Different widths, lengths and heights, either kerb to kerb or tapered sides.
  • Quiet
    Energy absorbent reducing noise and vibrations.
  • Markings
    High visibility markings moulded in at manufacture.
  • Environment
    Made from recycled rubber in the UK.
  • Product meets DfT specifications.

Traficop Combination Tables

Technical Information



Traficop Combination Table modules *infill required*

Module  Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Fixings Weight (kg)
1:16 Combination Table Rmp 75 1000 400 5 26.0
Corner LH or RH 75 1000  350  5 15.0
Long Side 75 1000  350  18.0
1:10 Combination Table Ramp 75 765 300  12.0
Corner LH or RH 75 1000  350  15.0
Long side 75 1000 350 5 18.0


Frequently asked questions

What type of infill should I use for the Combination Tables?

We would recommend the use of dense Bitumen Macadam (DBM) or similar - typically 50mm of base course and 25mm of wearing course. The weight of the base course in tonnes is the infill area (in m2) divided by 10 and for the wearing course, the area is divided by 20. 

Method Statement

Download our Traficop Combination Table installation and information sheets