Sainsbury’s Tyres go full Circle

Facilities Managers Sainsbury’s Tyres go full Circle

When Sainsbury’s contacted Rediweld in 2007 for an alternative to traditional speed ramps for their car parks, little did they realise that through Bandvulc the tyres from Sainsbury’s own fleet could provide the solution.

Rediweld recommended Traficop Speed Cushions as they provide a less severe but effective way of reducing vehicle speeds. Complete with special high visibility markings around all four sides so as to be visible to both drivers and pedestrians, Traficop is made from recycled rubber buffing taken from truck tyres when they are retreaded. This material is one of the hardest wearing forms of rubber and ideally suited to this application.


The loop is that Sainsbury’s have their tyres retreaded by Bandvulc and the rubber buffing (old rubber removed before tyres are retreaded) goes to Crumb Rubber who process it and supply Rediweld. They then mould it into products that include the speed cushions that are used by Sainsbury’s in their car parks.

Gary King, Operations Support Manager for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets states: “To have our tyres retreaded by Bandvulc gives us significant savings in our carbon footprint reduction; knowing that the waste stream in place for the buffed rubber actually provides us with speed ramps for our supermarket car parks is doubly satisfying“.

For Bandvulc, Patrick O’Connell, MD, comments: “We have worked hard to push environmental efficiencies in all areas of our business and our collaboration with Crumb Rubber ensures a robust chain of custody giving us and our customers the confidence that end-of-life tyres are being recycled responsibly. To know that Sainsbury’s are benefiting twice over, from both our retreading and recycling is a brilliant example of what can come about through ‘green’ endeavours.”