Traficop Raised Rubber Tables

Our Traficop Raised Rubber Tables offer a complete rubber option and are available with tapered sides or kerb-to-kerb options to suit the application

Traffic Calming

Traficop Raised Rubber Tables

Traficop Raised Rubber Table (Wales)
Traficop Raised Rubber Table (London)
Pedestrian Crossing using our Traficop Raised Rubber Table (Hampshire)
Traficop Raised Rubber Table (Wales)
Traficop Raised Rubber Table (Northumberland)

An alternative to our Traficop Speed Cushions, our Raised Rubber Tables are available with either kerb-to-kerb or tapered sides and can be positioned to utilise existing drains or can be installed with a drainage channel.

Preformed to give a consistent profile, the full rubber tables and are available at 65mm or 75mm high. Manufactured from recycled rubber with high visibility markings moulded in at time of manufacture.


  • Energy absorbent
  • Bolt down with no excavation & no spoil
  • Surface mounted
  • 1mtr long, 300mm /400mm wide, 75/65mm high
  • Product meets DfT specifications.

Traficop Raised Rubber Tables

Technical Information


  65mm 65mm 65mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Module Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
Full Rubber Table Ramp 1000 300 17.0 1000 300 19.0
Full Rubber Table Ramp 1000 400 23.0 1000 400 26.0
Intermediate 300 1000 300 23.0 1000 300 26.0
Intermediate 400 1000 400 29.0 1000 400 34.0
Corner LH or RH 1000 400 16.0 1000 350 15.0
Lng Side 1000 400 19.0 1000 350 18.0

Frequently asked questions

How many cushions can you get on a pallet?

3 per pallet for Short cushions (2.0m long) 2 per pallet for Long  cushions (3.0m long).

What is the product life of the Raised Rubber Tables?

5 years + depending on the usage

What is the max vehicle speed for the Raised Rubber Tables?

10 – 20mph

What is the max vehicle weight for the Raised Rubber Tables?

Our Rubber Tables are quite durable and have had everything from Combine Harvesters to HGVs go over them

Method Statement

Download our Traficop Raised Table installation and information sheets