Jislon City Pole Cones

Jislon City Pole Cones for Urban use, available in 80mm or 130mm dia, available in different options and reflective beading for night time visibility top and bottom

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Jislon City Pole Cones

Jislon_City_Pole_Cone_Rediweld _Traffic
Jislon City Pole Cones (London)
Jislon City Pole Cones - Stainless Steel
Jislon City Pole Cone - 2 Ring City Pole Cone (Devon)
Jislon City Pole Cones
Jislon City Pole Cones (London)

Jislon City Pole Cones offer elegant designs for planners and engineers to achieve uncluttered streetscapes. Jislon City Pole Cones are available as Ø 80mm, height 800mm (NS or NSE) and Ø 130mm, height 800mm or 1000mm (NS only)


  • Easy Installation
    Quick and easy to install and can be swiftly relocated.
  • Low Maintenance
    Reducing the need of costly traffic management.
  • Rebound
    Crash friendly designed to rebound 1,000 times.
  • High Visibility
    Improves safety at hazardous locations.
  • Flexibility
    Suitable for use in many applications.

Jislon City Pole Cones

Technical Information

Jislon City Pole Cones Product Range Information



Reflective tape options for Pole Cones


**Please call to check stock and availability.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a NS and NSE Fixing on Jislon Posts?

NS Fixings

  • Stronger fixings for High speed Roads
  • Can be removed
  • Has a locking Washer Rubber Cap available
  • Can be fitted on decking to a depth of 70mm

NSE Fixings

  • Quick to install 5-10 minutes per post
  • More Temporary
  • Grub Screw available for relocation
  • Cheaper  

Method Statement

Download our Jislon installation sheets for NS, NSE, and NF options and DK-9 and DK-10 information