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Leicester City Council uses RediPave Traffic Islands and a Combination Table to Reduce Speeds

Lomond Crescent in Leicester is a residential cut-through road that speeding drivers often exploit, it is one-way with a steep gradient and 20mph speed limit. The location has a history of accidents, particularly on the sharp bend making the properties vulnerable.


Leicester City Council wanted a swift solution and chose to install our rubber surface mounted products to combat speeding drivers on this road. A 75mm high Combination Table was installed by Rediweld and featured our 1 metre wide RediPave Traffic Island modules to form the sides of the table. Leicester City Council provided the Tarmac infill.

We were having problems with vehicles travelling down a steep hill at inappropriate speeds. Some were then losing control on a bend and crashing through a fence into the garden of a residential property. To try and stop this happening we decided to install a road hump to slow vehicles down. A Combination Table with RediPave Traffic Islands at the side to narrow the carriageway was chosen as a solution. This cut costs and meant we could install the scheme quickly and with minimal disruption to traffic.

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Leicester City Council

As a result of implementing the scheme, traffic has slowed and residents feel safer. In addition, the road is now open to two-way traffic, making it easier for residents to reach their homes. 


With the use of both the Combination Table and the RediPave Traffic Islands, vehicles are travelling at much slower speeds and pedestrians and cyclists are safer. 


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