RediPave Traffic Islands

A modern approach to traffic and pedestrian refuge Islands manufactured in recycled rubber. Available in various widths and lengths to suit applications such as pedestrian crossings, buildouts, chicanes, road closures, RediPave Traffic Islands offer durability, strength, no excavation, no spoil. Now available with an unique Adhesive option for depth restraints such as bridges

Kerbing & Traffic Islands

RediPave Traffic Islands

RediPave Traffic Islands with Bollards (Oxford)
RediPave Traffic Island with Bollard (South Tyneside)
RediPave Traffic Island with Sign & Bollard (Derby)
RediPave Traffic Island with Bollard and Tactiles (Leicester)
RediPave Traffic Island with Bollard (Wales)

RediPave Traffic Islands offer an alternative to traditional materials, by creating a modular design which not only offers flexibility, but also offers various widths and lengths to suit applications. Using Rediweld’s unique anchor block connector, these Islands offer durability and strength by the energy absorption which minimises any potential damage to the side walls of a tyre that can lead to a puncture.


We offer the RediPave Traffic Islands with or without the Hi-Viz white reflective marking which are moulded into the products at time of manufacture; this adds additional visibility.


They are surface mounted, installation is quick with minimal interruption to road users, and are made from recycled materials in the UK.


RediPave Traffic Islands can be used in conjunction with any lighted column, Posts, bollards and signs and are available in colour Black or 'Granite' Grey.


Product meets DfT specifications. Made from recycled rubber in the UK.

RediPave Traffic Islands

Key Features

Complete System

Manually handled with no infill required and relocatable

Easy Installation

Installed in less than one hour reducing risk to operatives

Minimum Disruption

To users and the public

Surface Mounted

Bolt down with no excavation and no spoil


Recycled product made in the UK

RediPave Traffic Islands

Technical Information

RediPave_Splitter_Traffic_Island_Technical_Drawing_15X15_14X15_ 05X35_599X328_Rediweld_Traffic

Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Weight (kg)

1. Splitter End 125 250 500 14.0
2. Splitter Middle 125 500 500 21.7
3. RediPave Corner 125 500 500 21.9
4. RediPave Edge 125 500 500 21.7
5. RediPave Radius 125 500 500 14.0
6. RediPave Centre 125 500 500 21.5
7. RediPave Left Side 125 600 500 16.0
8. RediPave Bull Nose 125 350 700 14.0
9. RediPave Right Side    125 600 500 16.0


New Modules Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
200mm RediPave Edge  125 500 200 8.80
200mm RediPave Centre 125 500 200 8.80


**Rediweld can produce PDF's to suit your schemes**

**CAD drawings on request**

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install a standard 1.5m x 1.5m RediPave Island?

Due to the ease of installation, you can easily install a 1.5m x 1.5m Island in around 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on experience.

How long does it take to install a complete pedestrian crossing Island 1.5x x 1.5m?

You can install a complete Pedestrian Crossing Island in less than 2 hours, this includes the 2 x RediPave Islands, 2 x Keep left Bollards and our RediFix bolt down tactiles, it also offers a huge cost saving in comparison to Traditional Islands in the overall cost and installation method.

Is there a minimum road width that the Island should be installed on?

The width of a RediPave Island will depend on the vehicles using the junction, tracking software would be used to establish the types of vehicles that use that junction and to show turning manoeuvres to avoid risk of vehicles hitting the Island.

On normal routes, the road width would be taken into consideration, along with vehicle speeds and usage to establish the size of a Pedestrian Island or refuge that would be required along the highway.

Method Statement

Download our RediPave Traffic Island installation and information sheets