Jislon Satellite Islands

The Jislon Satellite Island is 600mm wide and available in longer lengths, offering a unique block paving effect, moulded in Hi-Viz white reflective markings and used in conjunction with the NS Type Jislon Pole Cones

Kerbing & Traffic Islands

Jislon Satellite Islands

Jislon Satellite lsland with Jislon City Pole Cones (London)
Jislon_Satellite_Traffic_Island_Jislon_City_Pole_Cone_Red_Residential_Rediwed Traffic
Jislon Satellite Island with City Pole Cones (Worcester)
Jislon Satellite Island with City Pole Cones (Scotland)
Jislon Satellite Island with City Pole Cones (Worcester)
Jislon Satellite Island with City Pole Cones (Hampshire)

Jislon Satellite Islands offer a kerb solution for segregation and can be any length due to the modular system.Ideal for quick and easy installation, they can be used on bridge decks subject to carriageway conditions.


We offer splitter systems that are different sizes from 400mm, 500mm and 600mm wide.The Islands can incorporate Jislon Pole Cones to combine a verticle measure and we can provide signage to suit.The Islands are available in colour 'granite' grey with a block paving effect.


The Jislon Satellite Island is available from Rediweld giving a natural effect of block paving. Jislon anchors are pre-moulded into the product making installation quick and easy for use with any 80mmØ and 130mmØ NS Jislon Pole Cone. Product meets DfT specifications. Made from recycled rubber in the UK.

Jislon Satellite Islands

Technical Information

Model Jislon Satellite Island
Colour Granite Grey with block paving effect
Fixings 5
Width 600mm 
Length 900mm
Height 128mm
Weight 42kg

2 Halves to make Island 600mm x 1800mm long


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a NS and NSE Fixing on Jislon Posts?

NS Fixings

- Stronger fixings for High speed roads

- Can be removed

- Has a locking Washer Rubber Cap available

- Can be fitted on decking to a depth of 70mm


NSE Fixings

- Quick to install 5-10 minutes per post

- More Temporary

- Grub Screw available for relocation

- Cost effective

Method Statement

Download our Jislon Satellite Island installation sheet