Rediweld Greenwich WandOrcas used for 'Quickways' Scheme

LOCAL AUTHORITIES Oxfordshire County Council uses Rediweld Greenwich WandOrcas for 'Quickways' Cycle Lane Scheme

Rediweld Greenwich WandOrcas used for Quickways Scheme

Rediweld Greenwich WandOrcas have been installed by Oxfordshire Council as part of their local transport and connectivity plan.

The WandOrcas have been used to create a number of ‘Quickway’ cycle routes linking key destinations via main routes into the city centre.

Rediweld's WandOrcas offer vertical and horizontal measures integrated into one product and provide a visible and robust deterrent to motorists from encroaching the cycle lane.

The completed ‘Quickway’ routes are proving to be an effective and environmentally sound addition to the existing Oxford active travel routes 

Manufactured from recycled rubber, Rediweld Traffic Products is a sustainable manufacturer offering a range of products produced from recycled rubber. Producing less CO2 than traditional materials, our products are surface mounted, with no excavation required and are quick and easy to install.