SitecopPlus Speed Ramp

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SitecopPlus Speed Ramp

SitecopPlus Speed Ramp
SitecopPlus Speed Ramp (Herefordshire)
SitecopPlus Speed Ramp (Surrey)
SitecopPlus Speed Ramp (Herefordshire)

The SitecopPlus Speed Ramp is designed to be less severe and suitable for HGVs, it is ideal for residential, retail, distribution and infrastructure sites.


  • Easy Installation
    Quick and easy to install and can be swiftly relocated.
  • Minimum Disruption
    To users and the public.
  • Quiet
    'Soft' feel compared to other materials providing'quiet' speed reduction.
  • High Visibility
    Distinctive high visibility yellow markings moulded into the product.
  • Modular Design
    Modular design with middle units 500mm wide and matching end units 250mm wide.
  • Strength
    For strength and alignment this style requires a 50mm dia. reinforcing tube.
  • Environment
    Made from recycled rubber in the UK.

SitecopPlus Speed Ramp

Technical Information



Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Weight (kg)

1. MiniSitecop Middle 50 400 500 6.5
  End 50 400 250 3.0
2. Sitecop Middle 70 500 500 12.5
  End 70 500 250 4.0
3. SitecopPlus Middle 70 1000 500 25.0
  End 70 1000 250 8.0



Frequently asked questions

Why does the Sitecop range require a reinforcing tube?

This is required for strength and alignment, only supplied if installation is carried out by Rediweld.

What is the max weight the Sitecop Plus can withstand?

Max 45 tonnes

Method Statement

Download our Sitecop Plus installation and information sheets