TakPave Tiles

TakPave tactile surfaces for the guidance of the visually impaired, TakPave requires adhesive

Inclusive Mobility

TakPave Tiles


Rediweld offers a comprehensive range of tactile surfaces for the guidance of the visually impaired. Tiles are surface mounted with TakPave requiring adhesive.


  • DfT Guidance
    Conforms with “Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces”.
  • Compliance
    Assists providers to  achieve DDA Compliance.
  • Material
    Unique mineral filled elastomers formulated for durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Surface 
    Supplied in 400mm square tiles that can be adhered to most surfaces.
  • Patterned
    Cross hatched surface pattern for greater skid resistance.
  • Colours
    Available in buff, grey, black, blue, yellow and red (controlled crossing only).


Technical Information

All tiles are 400mm²

All tiles are nominally 2.5mm thick

* RED is only suitable for controlled crossings using Pedestrian Dot.


When install TakPave it is important to follow the information provided by the Department of Transport "Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces".

Frequently asked questions

How many tactiles do I required per m²?


Method Statement

Download our TakPave installation and information sheets