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Kerb Orca

Key Features

The Kerb Orca is designed to provide light segregation as a continuation length of kerbing as an alternative to the other Orca products we offer. 

The Kerb Orca provides protection with a splayed face on the cyclist side and a half battered profile which is a familiar kerb face to drivers on the other and is made up from end and middle sections to suit required length and location.

The Kerb Orca is designed to be placed within the cycle lane and positioned up to the white marking which highlights the edge of the carriageway.

The product is classed as a kerb and must not sit on the line otherwise this would conflict with current TSRGD guidelines.

Typical lengths can be from 2.0,mtr and up to 10mtr depending on the application or location.

Technical Information


Orcakerb Tecdwg



Model Kerb Orca End Section Kerb Orca Middle Section
Colour Black/White Black/White
Fixings 4 x fixings 4 x fixings
Width 150mm 150mm
Length 1000mm 1000mm
Height 100mm 100mm
Weight 9kg 11kg



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