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    Kerbing & Islands

    Flexible Kerbs and RediPave Islands

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    Cycle City Bradford 2017

    Come visit Rediweld at Cycle City Bradford 2017 from 11th - 12th May

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    Rediweld introduce the New Cycle Protector

    The New Cycle Separator is the ideal product designed to provide light segregation to Protect but not trap cyclists.

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London Borough of Waltham Forest scheme for Orca’s in Ruckholt Road, Leyton Providing protection to cyclists and incorporating the Jislon Wands

How we do it

A short video showing the various testing that Rediweld has carried out for the Orca cycle lane product.

These tests include a car, cycles and a Motorcycle .

All tests can be seen in full on our You Tube Channel for Rediweld.

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