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Key Features

BusPad is a modular system that is quick to install and can vary in width and length to suit the location. A typical configuration is 3.5m long by 1.75m wide and a platform height of 65mm.

BusPad is supplied in Black complete with a yellow edge marking and white fixing blocks which outline the flat top area.

Easy Installation
Installed in less than one hour reducing risk to operatives.

DDA Conformance
Meet DDA Conformance on a budget.

Ease of Maintenance
Long life expectancy.

Minimum Disruption
To users and public.

Recycled product made in the UK.

Technical Information


Buspad 30 X 125W



Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Weight (kg)

1. Ramp 65 500 750 16.0
2. Corner 65 750 750 15.0
3. Intermediate 65 500 500 18.0
4. Front  65 500 500 18.0

Case Studies

  • Casela2thumb

    Manchester’s citizens’ mobility is improved

    Manchester’s citizens’ mobility is improved

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