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RediPave Islands

Key Features

RediPave has been proven in a series of kerb strike tests at the Jaguar Landrover, Gaydon test centre. These tests, which included impact at 30 mph, impact under heavy breaking, scuffing along the side and scrubbing along the top surface, demonstrated not only the strength of the products but also the energy absorption which minimises any potential damage to the side walls of a tyre that can lead to a puncture. 

Complete System
Manually handled with no infill required and relocatable.

Easy Installation
Installed in less than one hour reducing risk to operatives.

Minimum Disruption
To users and the public.

Surface Mounted
Bolt down with no excavation and no spoil.

Recycled product made in the UK.

Technical Information

15X15 Island 14X15 Island 05X35island




Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Weight (kg)

1. Splitter End 125 250 500 14.0
2. Splitter Middle 125 500 500 21.7
3. RediPave Corner 125 500 500 21.9
4. RediPave Edge 125 500 500 21.7
5. RediPave Radius 125 500 500 14.0
6. RediPave Centre 125 500 500 21.5
7. RediPave Left Side 125 600 500 16.0
8. RediPave Bull Nose 125 350 700 14.0
9. RediPave Right Side    125 600 500 16.0


New Modules Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
200mm RediPave Edge  125 500 200 8.80
200mm RediPave Centre 125 500 200 8.80


**Rediweld can produce PDF's to suit your schemes**

**CAD drawings on request**




Case Studies

  • Westministercasethumb

    Westminster TranServ RediPave

    A scheme by Westminster City Council and their service providers, Westminster TranServ, enabled Rediweld to offer an alternative solution to the temporary islands.

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  • Stephensons Thumb

    Stephenson Drive, Leicester

    Rediweld worked with Leicester City Council on a road safety scheme to tackle speeding motorists.

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  • Brightonhovethumb

    Brighton & Hove City Council, Oxford Street

    Brighton & Hove have recently installed RediPave Islands in Oxford Street in Brighton to prevent vehicles cutting the junction and to offer more protection to cyclists and pedestrians.

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