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Greenwich Wand Orca

Key Features

The Wand Orca combines vertical Jislon Pole Cones (Wands) with reflective TSRGD markings, together with horizontal rubber modules. This is ideal for segregation over longer distances where vehicle speeds may be higher.

The Wand Orca also offers a rubber bung with a reflective glass dome which can be used instead of the Jislon Pole Cone.

Spacings for the Greenwich Wand Orcas will depend on location and application but typically 10m to 25m. However they can be spread to allow for cleaning vehicles to access the cycle lane, but typically 10m to 25m.

Jislon Pole Cones are available in 800mm high or 1000mm heights, colour Black with TSRGD reflective banding and offer a NSE fixing for quick installation.



Technical Information



Orcawand Tecdwg

Model Wand Orca End Section Wand Orca Middle Section
Colour Black/White (Red, Grey or Granite Grey) Black/White (Red, Grey or Granite Grey)
Fixings 3 x per end 4 x per middle
Width 175mm 175mm
Length 750mm 1000mm
Height 80mm 80mm
Weight 7.0kg 10.5kg

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